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Tim (Joe Tippett) and Duvall (Elisa Lasowski) stand near a river in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters 1
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters' Joe Tippett & Elisa Lasowski Shine Light on Their Shadowy Characters

In an interview with CBR, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters cast members Joe Tippett and Elisa Lasowski discuss the Apple TV+ series' clandestine element.

Predator Versus Wolverine #4 Cover A 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Predator Versus Wolverine #4

A tale soaked in blood, guts, and revenge, the finale of the crossover event continues the retcon of Wolverine's past while giving fans their fill.

Kiersey Clemons, Anna Sawai and Ren Watabe standing in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters desert 1
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Stars Share Their Epic Experience Facing Godzilla

In an interview with CBR, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters stars Anna Sawai, Kiersey Clemons and Ren Watabe detail the making of the Apple TV+ show.

Shift #1 Cover A 1
REVIEW: Image's Shift #1

Shift #1 expands the Massive-Verse by leaps and bounds, giving a morally dubious character like Shift the time and depth he deserves.

Titans: Beast World Tour - Central City #1 cover. 1
REVIEW: Titans - Beast World Tour: Central City #1

The Titans' Beast World epic has finally reached Central City, the home of the Flash Family and their allies. Here's CBR's review.

Invasive #1 Cover A 1
REVIEW: Oni Press' Invasive #1

Cullen Bunn and Jesús Hervás' Invasive #1 brings medical horror to the pages of comic books, depicting the darkness in humanity. Here's CBR's review.

The Iron Claw - The Von Erich brothers standing on the family farm 1
REVIEW: The Iron Claw is a Stunning Display of Zac Efron's Formidable Talents

The Iron Claw, directed by Sean Durkin, and starring Zac Efron, is a harrowing tale of masculinity gone amok.

Footage from CBR's interview with Ed Skrein (Noble, left), and Sofia Boutella (Kora, right). 1
Sofia Boutella and Ed Skrein Unpack Their Rebel Moon Characters

In this interview with CBR, Sofia Boutella and Ed Skrein divulge their relationship as hero and villain on Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon.

Antioch TP ACover by Marco Ferrari 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Antioch TP

The trailblazing creative team of Kindlon, Ferrari, and Campbell reunite for another installment of the Frontiersman universe in Antioch.

Luke Cage and Moon Knight in hero poses 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Timeless 2023

Readers are given shocking glimpses at the next year of Marvel stories with Timeless #1. Here's CBR's review,

Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari 1
REVIEW: Michael Mann Delivers a Compelling But Uneven Biopic in Ferrari

Ferrari's narrative feels a bit shapeless at times, but director Michael Mann delivers a mostly engaging meditation on masculine power and insecurity.

Bill works with Keiko in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters 1
Anders Holm & Mari Yamamoto Detail Their Doomed Romance in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

In an interview with CBR, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters stars Anders Holm and Mari Yamamoto reflect on the show's themes and emotional moments.

Four Gathered on Christmas Eve Cover A 1
REVIEW: Dark Horse's Four Gathered on Christmas Eve

Christmas brings a gust of chill as industry stalwarts Eric Powell, Becky Cloonan, Mike Mignola, and James Harren get together to celebrate horror.

Masaaki Yuasa, director for Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba, and Eizouken 1
Masaaki Yuasa Celebrates New Film Collection

In an interview with CBR, Masaaki Yuasa looks back on his career and celebrates the new Gkids box set, which collects all of his feature films.

promo 1
REVIEW: The Artful Dodger’s First Episode Sets Up a Charming, If Contrived, Character Sequel

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, David Thewlis and Maia Mitchell shine in Hulu's Charles Dickens rip-roaring TV spinoff series, The Artful Dodger.

Slow Horses's Jack Lowden 1
Slow Horses: Jack Lowden Brings Spycraft Sensibilities to Apple TV+'s Series

In an interview with CBR, Slow Horses star Jack Lowden charts the painful evolution of River Cartwright in the British espionage series.

Craig Before the Creek  1
REVIEW: Craig Before the Creek Will Satisfy Fans of the Series, But Its Narrative Falls Short

Craig Before the Creek is a harmless prequel film, but it could have been larger and more memorable.

Archer's Cyril Figgis 1
Why Archer's Chris Parnell Loves Sad-Sack Characters Like Cyril Figgis

Chris Parnell says goodbye to Cyril Figgis with Archer: Into the Cold, and tells CBR which season of the FXX spy comedy was his biggest challenge.

Official promo image of  1
Godzilla Minus Director Discusses How Humans Can Be Worthy Opponents to Godzilla

Director Takashi Yamazaki shares his experiences growing up with the King of Monsters–and bringing the legend to life.

Netflix's Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1 1
Yu Yu Hakusho Fights Hard To Keep The Fire Of Old School Shonen Going

While the season feels rushed, Yu Yu Hakusho's gritty action makes it an entertaining experience. Here's CBR's review.

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