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Batman, Spider-Man and Superman drawn by still living artists 1
What's the Oldest Batman, Superman and Spider-Man Comic Story by a Living Artist?

In the latest Comic Book Questions Answered, find out what the oldest Batman, Superman and Spider-Man comic book stories are by a living artist

Action Comics Annual #1 (2023) cover. 1
REVIEW: Action Comics Annual 2023

DC's Action Comics ends 2023 with an explosive annual that wraps up a five part storyline filled with a number of exciting twists and turns.

Fantastic Four 1
The Fantastic Four's Latest Loss Makes The Team Better Than Ever

The Fantastic Four's latest loss has forced them to go back to the basics - and it makes Marvel's First Family better than ever.

a split image of mister negative kingpin and hammerhead 1
The Toughest Crimelords Spider-Man Ever Fought

Spider-Man has battled many of the toughest crimelords in New York City.

DC popular characters including Joker, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Lex Luthor 1
DC Reveals Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman's New Year's Resolutions

DC's iconic heroes, including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, take a moment from fighting crime to share their hilarious New Year's resolutions.

A collage of Storm, X-Force, and Jean Grey from Marvel's Current X-Men Comics 1
Every X-Men Comic Currently Running

From Marvel's main X-Men comics to Fall of X tie-ins, and limited series, every month offers dozens of adventures for new and dedicated fans to enjoy.

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Batman and Detective Chimp split image 1
20 Smartest Heroes In The DC Universe, Ranked

Superheroes in the DC Universe are often praised for their strength, but many heroes should also be commended for their advanced intelligence.

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A split image of Superboy and the Superman Family and the Chained 1
A Superman Family Member is Potentially More Powerful Than the Man of Steel

Superboy's tactile telekinesis is so versatile it could make him the most powerful member of the entire Superman Family.

a glowing eddie brock in an updated venom suit emerging from a symbiote pool opposite meridius 1
Venom Introduces Eddie Brock's Final Form

Venom's journey through time and space finally gives readers their first glimpse of Eddie Brock's epic, near-unfathomable final form.

A split image of Operation Zero Tolerance, X-Men: Schism, and The Dark phoenix Saga 1
10 Comic Events That Nearly Tore The X-Men Apart

The X-Men have been sorely tested over the years, but these events nearly destroyed the team.

Wolverine perches on a cover 1
The Wolverine Artist Who Decided the Hero Didn't Need Clothes

In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, see how a Wolverine artist decided that the hero didn't need to wear any clothes in a story

A split image of the MCU Fantastic Four teaser image and the cover to Fantastic Four (2022) #1 1
New Fantastic Four Comics are Inspiring the MCU Reboot in the Best Way Possible

The current Fantastic Four comic book series is inspiring the team's MCU debut, and this is perfect for reintroducing the team to moviegoers.

Split Images of 2023 Marvel Comics 1
10 Incredibly Underrated Marvel Comics From 2023

2023 has been a great year for Marvel, with some underrated comics allowing the publisher to show off what they do best.

Fall of the House of X #1 variant cover. 1
Fall of the House of X Proves [SPOILER] Was the Original Mutant Technology

Marvel confirms the first piece of Mutant Technology and it just so happens to be the X-Men's most iconic move.

Fall of the House of X #3 cover. 1
Marvel Reveals the Future of the X-Men and More in New Timeless Trailer

Marvel is giving fans a glimpse at the next big stories in its comics for 2024, including Spider-Man, the X-Men, Doctor Doom and more in a new video.

A split image of a Ghost Rider teaser and Ghost Rider and Tiffany Warroad 1
Ghost Rider: Pivoting to a New Spirit of Vengeance Might Not Be the Best Idea

There's supposedly a new Spirit of Vengeance coming to the Marvel Universe, but this might not be what the Ghost Rider franchise needs right now.

A split image of Spider-Man and Jean DeWolff, a beaten and bloody Spider-Man, and Spider-Man holding the dead Gwen Stacy 1
10 Spider-Man Deaths That Came Out of Nowhere

Spider-Man’s supporting cast have always been plagued by death, leading to high-stakes an emotional stories that shatter the Web-Slinger’s world.

Seens from Titans #5 , as a possessed Linda West tries to kill her husband 1
The Titans' Murder Mystery Highlights the Absurdity of Superhero Stories

The resolution to the murder of future Wally West demonstrates that the life of a superhero can get pretty silly.

a split image of gambit and rogue surrounding sam wilson and jane foster 1
The 10 Most Wholesome Relationships in Marvel Comics, Ranked

Despite the conflict and drama of its long-running series, Marvel Comics has treated readers to many wholesome relationships over the decades.

Miguel OHara Spider-Man 2099 #1 Cover Banner 1
Can Spider-Man 2099 Save His Mom From a Zombie Infection?

Miguel O'Hara must team up with Blade 2099 to save his mom and stop the Marvel Zombie from infecting Nueva York in a new Spider-Man 2099 series.

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