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The Toughest Crimelords Spider-Man Ever Fought

Spider-Man has battled many of the toughest crimelords in New York City.

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20 Smartest Heroes In The DC Universe, Ranked

Superheroes in the DC Universe are often praised for their strength, but many heroes should also be commended for their advanced intelligence.

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10 Comic Events That Nearly Tore The X-Men Apart

The X-Men have been sorely tested over the years, but these events nearly destroyed the team.

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10 Incredibly Underrated Marvel Comics From 2023

2023 has been a great year for Marvel, with some underrated comics allowing the publisher to show off what they do best.

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10 Spider-Man Deaths That Came Out of Nowhere

Spider-Man’s supporting cast have always been plagued by death, leading to high-stakes an emotional stories that shatter the Web-Slinger’s world.

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The 10 Most Wholesome Relationships in Marvel Comics, Ranked

Despite the conflict and drama of its long-running series, Marvel Comics has treated readers to many wholesome relationships over the decades.

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The Silver Surfer's Most Tragic Variants, Ranked

It's never smooth sailing for the Silver Surfer, in this life or any other. Across the multiverse, Norrin Radd has met with several unfortunate fates.

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The 35 Strongest Avengers, Ranked

While all of Marvel's superheroes fight evil, figures like Wolverine and Captain America stand out as the Avengers' greatest warriors.

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10 Best Marvel Graphic Novels, Ranked

Marvel has used the graphic novel format to tell some brilliant stories over the years, ones that every fan will love.

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The 16 Strongest Kryptonians Ever, Officially Ranked

Superman is no longer the last son of Krypton. While he's renowned for his incredible strength, there are some Kryptonians who possess equal might.

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10 Top Rated Doujinshi By Users (According To MyAnimeList) 1
10 Top Rated Doujinshi By Users (According To MyAnimeList)

Avid manga readers will be sure to love these top-rated doujinshi on MyAnimeList.

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50 Best DC Comics Everyone Should Read

There's an endless library of amazing DC comics to choose from, but books like Crisis on Infinite Earths and Watchmen forever changed the industry.

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10 Movie Franchises That Worked Better In Comics

Some movie franchises have also went to comics, with the comic adaptations being so good that they should stay in the world of the paneled page.

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15 Strongest Versions Of Superman (In The Comics)

Superman has gone through a lot of iterations and changes over the years, from the character's powers and origins. But which version is the strongest?

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Loki: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Mobius

Loki has some engaging and fun characters including Ouroboros and Sylvie. However, it's Mobius who may be the most unique and mysterious.

10 Weirdest Details In Old Transformers Comics  1
10 Weirdest Details In Old Transformers Comics

The Transformers had a Marvel Comic run in the '80s that was filled with unique and bizarre details about the famous robots in disguise.

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10 Marvel Heroes Who Desperately Need A Vacation

Some Marvel heroes just do too much. These superheroes never stop protecting the world from danger--but could really use a vacation sometime soon.

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The 30 Strongest Marvel Superheroes, Officially Ranked

Marvel has no shortage of powerful characters, but when it comes down to the strongest superheroes, their reputations precede them.

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10 Best Star Wars Stories From the Prequel Era

Star Wars fans have plenty of comic content to enjoy from the franchise's prequel era. But which comics should a new reader start with?

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The 20 Darkest Marvel Comics Ever

While most of Marvel's stories are safe for all ages, there are times when the House of Ideas has explored darker premises.

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