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DC popular characters including Joker, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Lex Luthor 1
DC Reveals Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman's New Year's Resolutions

DC's iconic heroes, including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, take a moment from fighting crime to share their hilarious New Year's resolutions.

Batman and Detective Chimp split image 1
20 Smartest Heroes In The DC Universe, Ranked

Superheroes in the DC Universe are often praised for their strength, but many heroes should also be commended for their advanced intelligence.

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Flash running on the cover to the animated Crisis on Infinite Earths with Superman holding Supergirl's body from the comic 1
10 Inevitable Deaths In The Animated Crisis On Infinite Earths

The three-part animated adaptation of DC's iconic Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline is sure to feature a few casualties that happened in the comics.

Batman in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight comic issue #79 1
Joshua Williamson on Why Making Comics Fans Happy Is a Big Risk

Joshua Williamson reveals a tragic trend among comic book buyers that he discovered during his time at DC.

A collage of Batman and comic art from Dark Knight Returns and Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth 1
40 Darkest Batman Comics On DC Universe Infinite, Ranked

Batman has a dense catalog of epic stories, and there's no shortage of dark, thrilling comics to read on the DC Universe Infinite digital app.

Batman #141 variant cover. 1
Bruce Wayne's Fight Against the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh Concludes in DC's New Comics This Week

Bruce Wayne and the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh have their most epic yet in DC's new comics this week.

A collage of the posters of the Dark Knight trilogy  1
10 Best Moments in The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Dark Knight trilogy is a golden standard of superhero cinema, and the film franchise is full of compelling and incredible moments.

Kingdom Come Superman and Ultraman split image 1
15 Strongest Versions Of Superman (In The Comics)

Superman has gone through a lot of iterations and changes over the years, from the character's powers and origins. But which version is the strongest?

Godzilla and DC monsters 1
10 DC Comics Monsters That Godzilla Could Defeat

DC Comics may have many mighty monsters, but Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, could defeat even their most powerful beasts in a one-on-one battle.

Superman reading The Dark Knight Returns. 1
How To Start Reading Superman Comics

Superman has a long history, which can be daunting for new fans. However, there are some great jumping on points out there for neophyte readers.

Justice League Heroes 1
How To Start Reading Justice League Comics

The Justice League is comics' greatest superteam, with over sixty years of stories under its belt. Luckily there are great places to start.

Batman / Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4 variant cover. 1
Batman and Santa Must Rescue Robin From Krampus in DC's New Comics This Week

DC raises the stakes in Batman / Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4 this week with Robin's fate being in the hands of the evil Krampus.

Split Images of Batman VIllains 1
10 Batman Villains Who Can Appear in DCU's Arkham Asylum Show

The DCU is starting to fill out its lineup of villains and the upcoming Arkham Asylum TV series can easily develop Batman's rogues gallery.

DC and Marvel heroes rush into battle in the JLA/Avengers comics event 1
2023 Top 100 DC and Marvel Characters of All-Time Master List

We collected your votes for the greatest DC and Marvel characters of all-time and here is the master list of your picks for the Top 100!

TMNT: The Last Ronin, Superman 78 and Transformers vs Terminator 1
10 Greatest Comic Book Miniseries Of The Last Five Years

The last fives years have treated readers to some excellent miniseries, ones that have blown fans' minds.

Split image Kamandi, Hawkman and Animal Man 1
10 DC Comics Heroes Who Deserve A Standalone Movie

DC has mainly focused on Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but there are plenty of more unique heroes that deserve the spotlight.

Marvel's Forbush Man with Archie's Superteens and Crusaders in the background 1
20 Most Obscure Comic Book Superheroes

Every character is somebody's favorite, even if that character disappeared. Even some of the most obscure superheroes like Forbush Man have a fanbase.

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Superman flying while carrying Lois Lane and Batman standing with his son Damian Wayne 1
A Complete Chronological Timeline Of The DC Animated Movie Universe

Running for nearly 22 hours across over a dozen films, the DC Animated Movie Universe is a beast of an adaptation for the Justice League.

Catwoman 1
Catwoman Stars in the Deadliest Performance of Her Life in DC's New Comics This Week

Catwoman fights for Eduardo Flamingo's treasure in DC's new comics this week.

Split Images of Wildstorm Heroes 1
10 Best Wildstorm Heroes, Ranked

Even before it became a part of the DC Universe, the Wildstorm Universe was home to some of the coolest and most underrated anti-heroes of all time.

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