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Shang-Chi, Loki and Armor are all top cards in Marvel Snap, but what actually makes a top but balanced card tick in Marvel Snap? 1
Marvel Snap: What Makes A Top Card Powerful But Perfectly Balanced?

Creating the perfect balance for Marvel Snap cards isn't easy, resulting in various updates that nerf and buff cards to improve gameplay.

Infestation 88 Mickey Mouse promo image. 1
Mickey Mouse Horror Game Changes its Name Shortly After Backlash

The studio behind Infestation 88 renames its Mickey Mouse horror game following backlash against the title’s antisemitic references.

The Hero of video game Fable 3 reaching out to a crown and characters of game Persona 3 Portable 1
Best Single-Player Games On Xbox Game Pass (January 2024)

The best single-player games on Xbox Game Pass stand out for their authenticity, replayability, and creativity.

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Split Images of Paladin and Dungeon and Dragons Items 1
15 Best Magic Items For Paladins In D&D 5e, Ranked

There are many excellent choices for Dungeon Masters looking to hand their players' paladins a new magic toy.

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Star Wars Outlaws key art featuring Kay Vess, Nix, and ND-5. 1
Star Wars Outlaws Narrative Director Breaks Down Game's Core Environments

Navid Khavari reveals the various intergalactic and seedy settings one might visit in Star Wars Outlaws and how they contribute to the game's appeal.

dnd wizards studying their books and casting spells 1
The 20 Most Powerful D&D Cantrips, Ranked

Cantrips are a Dungeons & Dragons spellcaster's bread and butter, and they cover a wide range of effects for both in and out of combat.

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Game cover art from Sega Genesis' 1989 game Golden Axe and a shot of gameplay from 2000's Paper Mario 1
Must-Play Classic Games Included In Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online offers players a trip down memory lane with these must-play classic games.

Shadowheart Baldur's Gate 3 looking horrified and stunned 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Disappoints Xbox Players

After releasing three months later than the PS5 version, Baldur's Gate 3 on the Xbox Series X|S comes with an unfortunate bug.

A split image of Dragon Quest IX, inFAMOUS, and Disco Elysium 1
Must-Play PS4 & PS5 Games Included In PS Plus Premium (January 2024)

PS Plus Premium hosts some terrific Playstation 4 and 5 games, making classics like Ghost of Tsushima and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot free to subscribers.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Characters in Front of Pile of Coins 1
10 Easiest Ways To Make Money In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

With two new currencies to spend, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet have some pretty efficient ways to earn spending money for that next batch of Poké Balls.

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How to Play Assassin's Creed in Chronological Order

Assassin's Creed's history-spanning story jumps around centuries between games. Here's how to play every major game in chronological order.

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Swampert and Snorlax in Pokemon 1
25 Pokémon With The Fewest Type Weaknesses

Knowing a Pokémon's type weakness is one of the best ways to get a leg-up in battle, but some Pokémon have fewer type weaknesses than others.

Dungeon and Dragons Spellcaster 1
20 Highest Damaging Spells In Dungeons & Dragons

Spells that deal serious damage are some of the most important in Dungeons & Dragons, and casters have plenty of options to choose from.

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split image of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and Budokai Tenkaichi 2 game covers 1
Dragon Ball: Every PS1 & PS2 Game In The Franchise (In Chronological Order)

Even though Dragon Ball didn’t begin its PlayStation career all that gracefully, the PS2 is home to some of the best games in the franchise.

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Split Images of Vampire Eternal Struggle, Universus, and Marvel Champion 1
15 Best Physical TCGs, Ranked

Trading card games are one of the best real-life hobbies for meeting new people, and there are plenty of physical TCGs for new players.

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Mario Holding Cube Super Mario Party Superstar 1
Mario Party Superstars: 5 Ways It's Better Than Super Mario Party (& 5 Ways It Fell Short)

Mario Party Superstars is one of the best games in the series, but Super Mario Party still did a few things better than its successor.

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Mario throwing Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey 1
Study Suggests Games Like Super Mario Odyssey Can Lower Depression Levels

A recent study uncovers the positive effects that playing games like Super Mario Odyssey can have on motivation, depression levels, and memory.

Featured image for an article about the best bard multiclass combinations in dnd 5e. 1
Every Bard Multiclass Combo In D&D 5e, Ranked

Dungeons & Dragons bards combine well with a lot of other classes, but some bard multiclass options offer more advantages than the rest.

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Monopoly 1
Lionsgate Acquires Monopoly Movie Rights

Monopoly's movie rights get a brand-new home after Lionsgate's massive acquisition of the popular Hasbro brand, eOne.

Split Images of Microworks, All Bad Cards, and Brimestone Brawler 1
Jackbox: 15 FREE Alternative Party Games to Play With Friends

Games like Jackbox are a great addition to any in-person or online gathering, and these free options are fun for all sorts of players.

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