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About Tom Steel

Tom Steel is a senior writer for CBR, having covered all manner of topics across anime, TV, film and gaming. A university graduate with a degree in German Studies, Tom almost took the path of journalism instead, and is now excited to be pursuing it in a different capacity. At least he can definitely remember all the German he learned.

Industry Focus

Tom has been at CBR since 2021, and has amassed a library of lists and features spanning all manner of different media and topics. He has been able to test his editing chops with the updates initiative, and is now a senior writer specializing in gaming.

Favorite Media

Tom has always loved film and television, having experienced the very best and worst of British TV from a young age, before branching out to an appreciation for global entertainment. Ted Lasso, The Boys, Castlevania and Game of Thrones will always be up there as his favorite shows, while The Departed, Inception and Wreck-It Ralph reign supreme as his favorite movies. Yet his love for writing has reached its best and most passionate when it comes to talking about gaming. Pokémon and Marvel Snap may be his current passions, but he will always have an immense fondness for how games like Stardew Valley, Kingdom Hearts and Crash Bandicoot shaped his early tastes in life.

Latest Articles

Shang-Chi, Loki and Armor are all top cards in Marvel Snap, but what actually makes a top but balanced card tick in Marvel Snap? 1
Marvel Snap: What Makes A Top Card Powerful But Perfectly Balanced?

Creating the perfect balance for Marvel Snap cards isn't easy, resulting in various updates that nerf and buff cards to improve gameplay.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Characters in Front of Pile of Coins 1
10 Easiest Ways To Make Money In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

With two new currencies to spend, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet have some pretty efficient ways to earn spending money for that next batch of Poké Balls.

America Chavez and Marvel's Snap Deck 1
How To Build A Competitive Deck In Marvel Snap

There are many ways to make the perfect competitive deck in Marvel Snap, but most players overlook the fundamentals that ensure success and victory.

Poison type Pokemon 1
Pokémon: A Guide to Poison-Type Weaknesses & Strengths

Poison types are among the most misunderstood Pokémon, but they are more than just fangs and toxicity - they have unique strengths and weaknesses.

Split Images of Captain Holt Captain Holt 1
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Best Quotes From Captain Holt

Captain Raymond Holt is one of many hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters. His monotone delivery adds a memorable flair to his dialogue.

A collage of Castle Blackstone, Sebastian Shaw,  and Blob from Marvel Snap's Hellfire Gala season 1
Every New Marvel Snap Card & Location In The Hellfire Gala Season

The Hellfire Gala season is here to bring Marvel Snap's 2023 to a close, and what better way to do so than with new cards, locations, and variants.

Marvel Snap Hulk, Nebula and Captain America Cards 1
Marvel Snap: 10 Best Avengers Variant Cards

Marvel Snap has no shortage of fun variant cards, including some Avengers variants that put a fresh twist on everyone's favorite heroes.

Fallout 4 the 5 Best Companions 1
Every Fallout 4 Companion, Ranked

With several characters to choose from, having the right companion is crucial to surviving the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4.

The Spotlight Cache selection for December 5th includes Man-Thing, Stegron and Jeff 1
Marvel Snap: How To Use This Week's Spotlight Cache Cards (12/05)

Hellfire Gala is here, and Marvel Snap once again features three familiar faces in Spotlight Caches from December 5th: Man-Thing, Stegron, and Jeff.

Mew, Pikachu, Charizard, and Pokemon Type Chart 1
Every Pokémon Type And Their Strengths & Weaknesses

Pokémon's 18 different types offer some interesting matchups - and fans should always consult the Pokémon type chart for the strengths and weaknesses.

Split Images of Dota Dragons BLood, The Boys Diabolical, Disenchantment Invincible and Castlevania 1
10 TV Shows To Watch If You Like The Legend Of Vox Machina

Fans of The Legend of Vox Machina have plenty of other shows in the same wheelhouse, from Stranger Things to House of the Dragon.

A collage of Mystique, Wolverine, and Magneto Marvel Snap Card Variants 1
Marvel Snap: 10 Best X-Men Variant Cards

Marvel Snap gave Marvel Comics' heroes and villains some amazing card art, and the X-Men were no exception.

A collage of the Knull, Werewolf by Night, and Elsa Bloodstone card variants in Marvel Snap 1
10 Coolest Marvel Snap Cards, Ranked By Number Of Variants

Thanks to their epic variants, Marvel Snap cards like Phoenix Force, Elsa Bloodstone, and Thanos continue to excite players.

Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache Cards, including Martyr, Jean Grey, and Spider-Man 2099 1
Marvel Snap: How To Use This Week's Spotlight Cache Cards (11/28)

Martyr, Jean Gre,y and Spider-Man 2099 are the latest Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache cards starting November 28th - but is there hope and potential here?

Pokemon Gameplay Rules 1
10 Gameplay Rules the Pokémon Anime Always Ignores (& Why)

Pokemon games have some rules that the anime doesn't follow. However, there are usually good reasons for this.

Fantina, Chuck and Crasher Wake all had great potential as Gym Leaders in Pokemon 1
10 Pokémon Gym Leaders Who'd Be Unstoppable if They Actually Used a Full Team

Some Pokemon Gym Leaders are tough, but they'd be much tougher if they used a full team of Pokemon.

Hermione Granger Harry-Potter 1
Harry Potter: Hermione Granger's 10 Best Quotes

Hermione Granger can sometimes lay it on thick with her cleverness, but this can lead to entertaining moments, both funny and insightful.

Pokemon Anime Reference in Pokemon Games 1
10 Secret Anime References in the Pokémon Games & How to Find Them

The Pokemon games have some great secrets, including shadow references to its own classic anime.

A split image of Captain Carter, Kate Bishop, and Kraglin from the MCU behind the Marvel Snap logo 1
10 Best Marvel Heroes Still Missing From Marvel Snap

From Kate Bishop to Spider-Punk, Marvel Snap has plenty of amazing heroes to draw from as Second Dinner increases the game's roster.

Magikarp and Gardevoir comes out from pokedex 1
10 Pokédex Entries in the Pokémon Games That Make Less Sense The More You Think About Them

Pokédex entries give players fun and useful information about their Pokémon, but entries such as Magikarp's and Metang's make very little sense.

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