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Created by
Eiichiro Oda
First TV Show
One Piece
First Episode Air Date
October 20, 1999
Mayumi Tanaka , Kazuya Nakai , Colleen Clinkenbeard , Christopher Sabat , Kerry Williams , Kappei Yamaguchi , Sonny Strait , Hiroaki Hirata , Eric Valette , Ikue Ootani


Yusuke leads Team Urameshi in Yu Yu Hakusho 1
Why Yu Yu Hakusho Deserves An Animation Remake More Than One Piece

One Piece is getting an animation remake from Wit Studio, but the 1990s shonen classic Yu Yu Hakusho might be more deserving of a revisit.

Zenitsu, Kobeni, and Koby 1
10 Anime Characters Just Like Chainsaw Man's Kobeni

Although Kobeni is one of the most unique Devil Hunters in Chainsaw Man, there are plenty of other anime character like her.

One Piece's Bartholomew Kuma in the anime on a background of the night sky. 1
One Piece Fans in China Get Inadvertent Kuma Spoilers Thanks to Skyscraper Promo

Manga panels from the most recent One Piece chapter displayed on skyscrapers in China may have inadvertently spoiled Kuma's tragic past for fans.

Edward Newgate, Admiral Akainu, and Marshall D. Teach, all powerful Devil Fruit users from the One Piece anime 1
10 One Piece Devil Fruits That Can Beat Fleet Admiral Akainu

Even though Fleet Admiral Akainu stands at the top of the Marine hierarchy, there are multiple Devil Fruits that pose a threat to his reign.

Split Images of Vampire Eternal Struggle, Universus, and Marvel Champion 1
15 Best Physical TCGs, Ranked

Trading card games are one of the best real-life hobbies for meeting new people, and there are plenty of physical TCGs for new players.

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one piece post wano bounty 1
One Piece: The Straw Hats’ Post-Wano Bounties Explained

Chapter 1058 of One Piece, "New Emperors," finally confirmed all of the Straw Hat Pirates' bounties coming out of Wano. Here's what they are and why.

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Monkey D Luffy, Portgas D Ace, and Sabo Exchanging sake with Monkey D Garp, Monkey D Dragon, Uta, and Bartholomew Kuma in the background. 1
One Piece: Luffy's Past Keeps Changing

Monkey D. Luffy's backstory keeps adding new characters and story elements – making fans both eager and worried.

One Piece's live-action Luffy holding up his fist next to his anime version punching 1
Shonen Jump Leadership Reveals the Best Way to Get a Manga Live-Action Adaptation

A leading Shonen Jump editor tells readers how to ensure their their favorite manga or anime gets the live-action treatment like One Piece.

Luffy in his Gear 5 form in the One Piece anime with a collage of scenes in the background 1
Crunchyroll Confirms One Piece Gear 5 Episode Really Did Break the Internet

Major anime streamer Crunchyroll confirms that One Piece Episode 1071 really did crash its servers, validating the anime's global reach.

Split panel image showing Luffy and Zoro Using Haki in the anime and manga, respectively 1
Every Straw Hat Pirate Who Uses Haki In One Piece (& How They Awakened It)

Haki is an important power in the world of One Piece. Which members of the Straw Hat crew are able to tap into this power?

Zoro played by Mackenyu in Netflix's live action One Piece alongside his manga version 1
Best One Piece Arcs Ranked by Live Action's Zoro 'Shatters' Eardrums

Netflix's One Piece live-action star Mackenyu Arata demonstrates his fandom as he reveals his favorite arcs from the ongoing One Piece anime.

Split Images of One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, and My Hero Academia 1
Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, MHA and More Delayed in Weekly Shonen Jump Break

Weekly Shonen Jump's holiday break leads to delays in chapter releases for major franchises like Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, My Hero Academia and more.

Jewelry Bonney (old lady form), Bartholomew Kuma, and Monkey D Luffy (Nika). 1
One Piece: Jewelry Bonney's Powers Have Endless Potential

Jewelry Bonney's Age-Age powers have the potential to turn her into a multiversal being and one of the most versatile characters in the series.

On the left, three Marine Admirals stare down Luffy. on the right, Ivankov and company dance with joy. In the middle, Luffy holds up his fists ready to fight.  1
Every Single One Piece Story Arc, In Chronological Order

One Piece's vast worldbuilding and intricate storylines have produced exciting arcs for fans to enjoy.

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Chainsaw Man, Monkey D. Luffy, and Satoru Gojo 1
10 Anime to Watch If You Like Undead Unluck

As Undead Unluck's first season draws to a close, fans of the series would be wise to check out these similar series.

Every One Piece Main Character's Age  1
Every One Piece Main Character's Age

One Piece features many key characters vying for the titular treasure, and these individuals greatly vary in age.

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monkey d luffy shipped with jewelry bonney 1
One Piece: What Are Jewelry Bonney's Chances of Becoming a Straw Hat?

One Piece fans are getting to know Jewelry Bonney well, and many feel that she's a perfect candidate for the Straw Hat Pirates.

Sabo One Piece 1
Who Is Sabo In One Piece? And Is He Really Dead?

Sabo’s character arc in One Piece has a lot to say about the series’ world and the significance of his brotherhood with Luffy.

Luffy pre time skip and Egghead arc 1
The Verdict Is in for the One Piece Anime's New Egghead Art Style

The verdict is in regarding the latest One Piece anime preview trailer for Episode 1089, which reveals the revamped art style for the Egghead arc.

Split Images of Luffy Forms 1
One Piece: All Of Luffy's Forms, Ranked By Strength

Over the years, Luffy has gained access to several forms to combat his opponents at different times and overcome them with all his might.

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