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The cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds in a Season 2 promotional image 1
Is Star Trek: Strange New Worlds a Prequel to TOS?

Strange New Worlds occupies a carefully chosen place in the Star Trek timeline. Though set before The Original Series, there are some deviations.

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and the cast of Grey's Anatomy 1
Why Justin Chambers Left Grey's Anatomy

Justin Chambers portrayed Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy for 15 years, but fans were forced to say goodbye to the character after 16 seasons.

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Star Wars' The Mandalorian Standing in an alien Desert Landscape promotional art for the series The Mandalorian on Disney+ 1
When Does The Mandalorian Take Place?

The Mandalorian is the flagship show of Star Wars' television series and its place in the Star Wars timeline is a little complicated.

Cody in a trailer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2. 1
How The Bad Batch Used Nostalgia to Deliver a Devastating Betrayal

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has twisted the feelings of nostalgia fans have for the Clone Army's heroism to reveal their service to the Empire.

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Star Trek Discovery's Michael Burnham 1
Discovery's Michael Burnham Deserves Her Own Star Trek Movie

Star Trek: Discovery is ending with Season 5, but in true franchise tradition, Michael Burnham could lead the next phase of smaller Star Trek movies.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has Lee jealous over Keiko and Bill 1
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Reveals Lee Shaw's True Mission at a Cost

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 1 shares key insight into Kurt Russell's shady Lee Shaw and the dangerous mission he is embarking on.

Goof Troops Max and Goofy fishing in front of a collage of Goofy and his wife. 1
What Really Happened to Goofy's Wife?

Goofy had a wife in early animations, but she suddenly disappeared without a trace. But while her absence is strange, the truth may be even stranger.

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Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor on Doctor Who. 1
How The Church on Ruby Road Unveils Doctor Who's New Science

Doctor Who's Christmas special ushers in a fantastical new era, blurring the lines between science and magic with a band of time-twisting goblins.

Anakin Skywalker had a better apprentice than Ahsoka in Mill Alibeth 1
Star Wars: Anakin Skywalker Had a Better Apprentice Before Ahsoka Tano

Mike Chen's Star Wars: Brotherhood novel confirmed that Anakin Skywalker had another Jedi apprentice before Ahsoka Tano came into his life.

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Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers 1
Bob's Burgers: Why This Member of the Belcher Family Is So Insecure

She may act tough and capture viewers' hearts through her brazen personality, but here's why this Belcher family member is the most insecure

Batman with Arkham Asylum 1
The DCU's Arkham Asylum Show Can Build Batman's Colorful Rogues Gallery

The DCU is now bringing an Arkham Asylum show to life and it presents the perfect chance to lay the groundwork for the upcoming Batman film.

Mike Minor painting of the Star Trek Phase II Enterprise against the voide of space via Paramount 1
A Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery Merger Is Bad News for Star Trek

A meeting between executives at Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery to discuss a merger would be very bad news for the Star Trek renaissance.

Will from Stranger Things 1
Why Will Needs To Become The Hero Of Stranger Things

After years of taking the back seat behind his friends, Will needs to become a true leader and the stand-out hero from the Stranger Things cast.

last of us finale 1
What The Last of Us Ending Means For Season 2

The Last of Us season 1's ending will directly influence the rest for the series and will have major implications on season 2 and the show's future.

Mad King Sitting on throne 1
How Did Game of Throne's Mad King Get His Name?

Game of Thrones is defined by the dynasty of the Targaryens and the life of Aerys II, the Mad King, had a lasting impact on the Song of Ice and Fire.

Blue Bloods Poster And Jennifer Esposito's Character 1
Jennifer Esposito Returning to Blue Bloods is the Ending Jackie Deserved

Jennifer Esposito returned to Blue Bloods as Jackie Curatola in Season 13. The finale gives Jackie a satisfying conclusion that's a decade overdue.

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Doctor Who Bigeneration 1
Doctor Who: Guide to the Modern Doctors for New Fans

Doctor Who's 60-year history includes the modern era that began in 2005, with Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor. Here's a handy guide to NuWho.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in a promo shot from The X-Files Season 4 1
Why David Duchovny Left The X-Files

The X-Files' initial run lasted nine seasons, but aliens beamed up David Duchovny's Mulder to accommodate the actor leaving in Season 7.

Ezra Bridger's Lightsaber from Star Wars Rebels, with Ezra in the background. 1
Why Ezra Bridger’s Lightsaber-Blaster Was Never Seen Again

Ezra Bridger’s makeshift lightsaber uses a unique hilt design featuring a stun blaster mechanism, but the design has never been seen since Rebels.

Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Yoda in Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures. 1
Does Harry Potter Need its Own Young Jedi Adventures?

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures comes with revelations about fandoms, conjuring up intriguing new possibilities for the Harry Potter series.

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