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About Joshua M. Patton

Father of a brilliant Gen Z kid, Army combat veteran, and storyteller born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA,  A cunning warrior, the best star-pilot in the galaxy, and a good friend. Approaches his work as an entertainment critic keeping in mind the word doesn't mean "be critical" but rather encourages us to "think critically." He collects books (to read) and models of every starship Enterprise (to gaze upon lovingly.) The first volume of his collection of literary short stories written in the comic book tradition, TALES OF ADVENTURE & FANTASY, is available for purchase on Amazon in both print and ebook. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations, but the inertial dampers are always failing. He is one with the Force, and the Force is with him.

Latest Articles

Star Trek Discovery's Michael Burnham 1
Discovery's Michael Burnham Deserves Her Own Star Trek Movie

Star Trek: Discovery is ending with Season 5, but in true franchise tradition, Michael Burnham could lead the next phase of smaller Star Trek movies.

Mike Minor painting of the Star Trek Phase II Enterprise against the voide of space via Paramount 1
A Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery Merger Is Bad News for Star Trek

A meeting between executives at Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery to discuss a merger would be very bad news for the Star Trek renaissance.

Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Legate Damar, a Cardassian of Star Trek: Next Generation 1
15 Greatest Star Trek Villains Of All Time, Ranked

Just because Star Trek takes place in a mostly idyllic future doesn't mean that its protagonists haven't had to face some menacing foes.

Doctor Who Bigeneration 1
Doctor Who: Guide to the Modern Doctors for New Fans

Doctor Who's 60-year history includes the modern era that began in 2005, with Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor. Here's a handy guide to NuWho.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in a promo shot from The X-Files Season 4 1
Why David Duchovny Left The X-Files

The X-Files' initial run lasted nine seasons, but aliens beamed up David Duchovny's Mulder to accommodate the actor leaving in Season 7.

Split: Quark in Star Trek; Latinum gold brick 1
The Star Trek Economy From Latinum to Federation Credits, Explained

Of all the science fiction on Star Trek, perhaps the most confusing element of it's utopian future is the economy, from Federation credits to latinum.

Star Trek Prodigy and Star Trek Voyager 1
Star Trek: Prodigy's Connection to Voyager, Explained

Star Trek: Prodigy is a new series with new characters in the universe, but the series is directly connected to Voyager through characters and ships.

Avengers Members 1
What If...? Gives MCU Fans the Original Avengers for Christmas

The holiday episode of What If...? Season 2 gives MCU fans the original Avengers team as a Christmas treat, and how it did it could be a blueprint.

Michael Douglas as Hank Pym in the MCU's Ant-Man film franchise 1
What If...? Season 2 Shows How Hank Pym Can Be a Hero

Despite how Hank Pym is portrayed in live-action and What If...?Season 1, Season 2 depicts his most heroic feats when assembling with 1988's Avengers.

Nebula What If Season 2 and Blade Runner Landscape 1
What If...? Season 2 Premiere Is Marvel's Blade Runner and It Rules

Instead of calling back to a big MCU moment, the Season 2 premiere of What If...? is a loving homage to Blade Runner with a Marvel twist on the story.

Poster for Marvel's What If...? series featuring the Watcher 1
What If...? Season 2 Finale Ending, Explained

After a rapid-fire Season 2 of What If...?, the finale's ending leaves many multiversal doors open for what could come next. Here's what it all means.

Transformers Old Comics  1
Peter Cullen's Emmy Proves Transformers Is More Than Just Selling Toys

Peter Cullen was awarded an Emmy for Lifetime Achievement, serving as proof the Transformers legacy is about more than selling toys.

Jack Reacher against a backdrop of a city 1
Review: Reacher Season 2, Episode 5: Burials and Blown-Up Buildings

Reacher Season 2 draws closer to its endgame as the heroes gather to say goodbye to a friend and get revenge on the baddies who killed him.

Split: Captain Benjamin Sisko in Deep Space Nine and the cast of Star Trek Prodigy 1
How Star Trek: Prodigy Improved a Discarded Deep Space Nine Premise

One of the most beautiful, touching episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy shared a foundational idea with a discarded episode premise from Deep Space Nine.

Hologram Janeway drinking hologram coffee on the bridge of the protostar as Dal floats by a bright nebula outside on Star Trek Prodigy 1
Who Is Hologram Janeway on Star Trek: Prodigy, and Can She Come Back?

Holographic Kathryn Janeway is one of the most important characters in Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1, but who is she and will she be back in the future?

Split: Lt. Uhura, Captain Sisko, and Michael Burnham in Star Trek 1
Deep Space Nine's 'Far Beyond the Stars' Is About Star Trek Itself

Deep Space Nine's classic episode 'Far Beyond the Stars' is a moving social allegory about racism, but it's also about the dream that is Star Trek.

The 20 Most Powerful Star Trek Species, Ranked 1
The 30 Most Powerful Star Trek Species, Ranked

Star Trek extends across a vast universe and multiple timelines full to the brim with powerful, and often dangerous, alien species.

Split: Picard (Patrick Stewart), Kirk (William Shatner) and Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) in Star Trek 1
Star Trek Directors Don't Get Enough Credit for How They Shape the Shows

Star Trek fans love behind-the-scenes stories from writers, producers and actors, but the directors don't get enough credit for their contributions.

Split Images of Stephen King's Tv Series 1
10 Stephen King TV Series Worth Watching

Stephen King is a master of the thriller and horror genre and his works have been made into some TV shows that are definitely worth watching.

Split Images of Star Trek Franchise 1
Best Star Trek Episodes of 2023

Star Trek had a big year in 2023, and that means there were far more excellent episodes than could fit on anyone's list. These were some of the best.

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