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Pan's Labyrinth, Nightmare Alley, and Mimic 1
Every Guillermo del Toro Horror Movie, Ranked

Guillermo del Toro has elevated the horror genre while expanding it in new ways. From Crimson Peak to Blade II, here are del Toro's best horror films.

Rey Skywalker holding her lightsaber with images from Foundation and Blade Runner in the background 1
10 Sci-Fi Universes Cooler Than Star Wars

Star Wars has developed a loyal fanbase who would love to visit a galaxy far, far away, but there are a few other sci-fi worlds that are even cooler.

Robocop, Back to the Future and Space Odyssey 1
The Top 30 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

From galaxies far, far away to dark (and darker) futures on Earth, here are the 20 greatest sci-fi films ever made.

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Split Images of Cole Sprouse, Zendaya, and Selena Gomez 1
10 Best Actors in the Young Adult Genre, Ranked

Zendaya and Justice Smith have become household names now. But they aren't the only impressive young adult artists in the movie and TV medium.

A split image of Asteroid City, Barbie, and The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes 1
10 2023 Movies With Incredible Casts

From Barbie to Oppenheimer to Asteroid City, these 2023 movies impressed audiences thanks to the amazing ensemble casts.

Split image of Thrawn and Darth Caedus from Star Wars Legends 1
10 Best Star Wars Legends Villains, Ranked

Some of these unforgettable Star Wars Legends villains are so popular that they have either inspired new characters or joined Disney's new canon.

Hogwarts from Harry Potter with Xavier's School in the background 1
10 Fictional Schools More Dangerous Than Hogwarts

The Harry Potter movies were often mocked for how dangerous Hogwarts was, but it was arguably safer than other, deadlier movie schools.

Split Images of Extraction 2, John Wick 4, and Napoleon 1
10 Best Action Scenes of 2023, Ranked

Action scenes have helped movies in the genre stand out for decades. But 2023 featured standouts from movies like John Wick, Extraction and more.

Jurassic World's Indominus-Rex (in MTG) and Therizinosaurus (Jurassic World Evolution 2). 1
10 Most Iconic Jurassic World Dinosaurs, Ranked

Jurassic World had a hard act to follow, but the series unleashed some of the coolest dinosaurs yet as it carried on Jurassic Park’s legacy.

Ghostface using the voice changer split image 1
Ghostface's 15 Best Quotes in Scream, Ranked

Ghostface stands out from other killers by their creative and terrifying verbal taunts delivered throughout the Scream franchise.

Dangerous wizard duels from the Harry Potter franchise. 1
10 Harry Potter Wizards Duels Only Book Fans Will Remember

Some of Harry Potter's best face-offs never make it to film, which means that only true book fans will remember these epic wizard duels!

Kevin Conroy, Robert Pattinson's Batman and Michael Keaton's Batman in front of other DC heroes. 1
Every Actor Who Played Batman & For How Long

Batman has been one of DC's leading superheroes for decades, and talented actors like Kevin Conroy have portrayed the Dark Knight in their own way.

Split images of Stardust, The Hobbit, and Narnia 1
10 Great Fantasy Movies Inspired by Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings Trilogy inspired several other great fantasy movies that have entertained fans for decades.

Flash running on the cover to the animated Crisis on Infinite Earths with Superman holding Supergirl's body from the comic 1
10 Inevitable Deaths In The Animated Crisis On Infinite Earths

The three-part animated adaptation of DC's iconic Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline is sure to feature a few casualties that happened in the comics.

Split Images of Renfield, Saw X, and Talk To Me 1
Best Horror Films of 2023

While 2023 was a hard year for movies, films like Talk to Me and No One WIll Save You helped to make 2023 a stunning year for horror movies.

Different couples from the Hunger Games franchise. 1
10 Best Romantic Couples In The Hunger Games Franchise

Snow lands on top, but does his romance with Lucy Gray? See where the duo ranks among the the Hunger Games franchise's best couples!

Ben Richards, Frankenstein, Katniss 1
10 Best Deadly Sports and Games in Movies

Movies like The Running Man and Battle Royale take Roman gladiator fights into a dystopian future of bloodsport

Split Images of The Thing, Pennywise, and Puff The Marshmallow 1
10 Movie Monsters That Could Defeat Godzilla (And 10 That Don’t Stand a Chance)

He might be considered the king of the monsters, but there are plenty of other movie beasts that could dethrone Godzilla and steal the crown.

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Godzilla Kong MonsterVerse Movies 1
10 Scariest Moments in the MonsterVerse

The MonsterVerse showed Godzilla, King Kong, and other iconic movie monsters in a new, terrifying light that scared even veteran monster fans.

Split Images of Star Wars Vintage Collectibles 1
The 10 Rarest Star Wars Toys (& How Much They Cost)

Vintage Star Wars toys from the original trilogy are some of the most expensive, elusive action figures in the world.

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