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Batman, Spider-Man and Superman drawn by still living artists 1
What's the Oldest Batman, Superman and Spider-Man Comic Story by a Living Artist?

In the latest Comic Book Questions Answered, find out what the oldest Batman, Superman and Spider-Man comic book stories are by a living artist

Fantastic Four 1
The Fantastic Four's Latest Loss Makes The Team Better Than Ever

The Fantastic Four's latest loss has forced them to go back to the basics - and it makes Marvel's First Family better than ever.

A split image of Superboy and the Superman Family and the Chained 1
A Superman Family Member is Potentially More Powerful Than the Man of Steel

Superboy's tactile telekinesis is so versatile it could make him the most powerful member of the entire Superman Family.

Wolverine perches on a cover 1
The Wolverine Artist Who Decided the Hero Didn't Need Clothes

In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, see how a Wolverine artist decided that the hero didn't need to wear any clothes in a story

A split image of the MCU Fantastic Four teaser image and the cover to Fantastic Four (2022) #1 1
New Fantastic Four Comics are Inspiring the MCU Reboot in the Best Way Possible

The current Fantastic Four comic book series is inspiring the team's MCU debut, and this is perfect for reintroducing the team to moviegoers.

Seens from Titans #5 , as a possessed Linda West tries to kill her husband 1
The Titans' Murder Mystery Highlights the Absurdity of Superhero Stories

The resolution to the murder of future Wally West demonstrates that the life of a superhero can get pretty silly.

Beast Boy Cover 1
Titans Reveals a Dangerous Flaw in Beast Boy's Powers

Beast Boy's attempts to help the environment reveal a potentially dangerous weakness that could compromise him.

The master list of CBR's Top 100 comics of 2023 1
CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2023

The countdown is over and here is the complete master list of CBR's choices for the Top 100 comics of 2023. See if your favorite comic book made it!

Harley Quinn's orgiin is quite twisted 1
30 Years Ago, Harley Quinn's Origin Was Revealed for the First Time

A look back to 30 years ago, when Harley Quinn's origin was revealed for the first time

Archie, Betty and Veronica celebrate New Year's Eve 1
Archie Sundays: New Year's Eve Celebrations Through Archie History

In CBR's weekly Archie news and previews spotlight, revisit some classic New Year's Eve stories from Archie's history

The Flash runs into his villain, Rival 1
75 Years Ago, the Flash Ran His Final Race in His Own Comic Book Series

A look back to 75 years ago, to see the Flash's final story in his own comic book series

Doctor Strange fighting against Siseneg 1
50 Years Ago, Dr. Strange's Creative Team Pulled a Hoax to Protect a Controversial Tale

A look back to 50 years ago, for a Doctor Strange story controversial enough that the creators pulled a hoax to protect the story

Miles Morales Spiderman on Marvel's Gang War 1
Marvel’s Gang War Proves Miles Morales Doesn’t Need Spider-Man Anymore

Miles Morales has finally reached the point where he doesn't need Peter Parker as his shadow, but he still needs plenty of help.

Moon Knight 1
Marvel’s Moon Knight is Officially Dead – So What Comes Next?

The death of Moon Knight has finally come, but it doesn't mean the end of the Midnight Mission, or of Marc Spector's dreams for the future.

Wounded Spiderman 1
Why Spider-Man Works Better as a Street-Level Hero

Peter Parker's life has gone completely off the rails in his recent stories, and it's time for Spider-Man to embrace being a street-level hero again.

The conclusion of CBR's countdown of the Top 100 comics of 2023 1
CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2023: #10-1

CBR's annual year-end comics countdown concludes, with praise for Wonder Woman, Immortal Thor, Nightwing and more

Superman and Hitman sharing a rooftop 1
25 Years Ago, Superman's Greatness Was Perfectly Explored in a Surprising Comic Book

A look back to 25 years ago, when Superman's greatness was explored in a surprising place, the pages of Hitman!

Batman and Robin (Adam West and Burt Ward) driving in the Batmobile 1
Did the Government Force Batman to Add Seat Belts to the Batmobile on TV?

In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, find out whether the U.S. government forced the 1966 Batman series to have seat belts in the Batmobile

Parker is in trouble 1
Ten Years Ago, Darwyn Cooke's Final Graphic Novel Was Released

A look back to ten years ago, when Darwyn Cooke's final Parker graphic novel, Cooke's final graphic novel period, was released

Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Xorn, and Casandra Nova from New X-Men with Chuck Austen's 2000 roster in the background 1
The X-Men In The '00s, Part One: Epic And Tragic Times

After Chris Claremont left the X-Men, the 2000s featured both the best and the worst stories fans had ever read from Marvel's merry mutants.

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