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A split image of Superboy and the Superman Family and the Chained 1
A Superman Family Member is Potentially More Powerful Than the Man of Steel

Superboy's tactile telekinesis is so versatile it could make him the most powerful member of the entire Superman Family.

Batman with Arkham Asylum 1
The DCU's Arkham Asylum Show Can Build Batman's Colorful Rogues Gallery

The DCU is now bringing an Arkham Asylum show to life and it presents the perfect chance to lay the groundwork for the upcoming Batman film.

Kevin Conroy, Robert Pattinson's Batman and Michael Keaton's Batman in front of other DC heroes. 1
Every Actor Who Played Batman & For How Long

Batman has been one of DC's leading superheroes for decades, and talented actors like Kevin Conroy have portrayed the Dark Knight in their own way.

Split: Betty Gilpin in the Hunt; Ian McDiarmid in The Rise of Skywalker; and Ana de Armas in Blonde 1
10 Very Controversial Hollywood Movies In The Last Five Years

From underwhelming franchise films to insensitive biopics about complicated celebrities, these are Hollywood's most controversial films since 2018.

John Cena as Peacemaker with Vigilante and Amanda Waller posters in the background 1
Everything We Know About Peacemaker, Season 2

When can fans expect to see the second season of Peacemaker, and who else will be returning for the fan-favorite DC series?

The women of Birds of Prey, Bottoms, and The Woman King. 1
10 Best Women-Directed Films Of The 2020s

Barbie's success proves that viewers want more films directed by and about women and there are many in the past few years that need to be seen!

Split Images of Wonder Woman Characters 1
10 Wonder Woman Characters James Gunn's DCU Must Include

Wonder Woman has many iconic yet underrated friends and foes, and the new DC Universe movies and shows can help make these characters mainstream.

Streaky the Supercat and Krypto in DC Comics 1
Will Streaky the Supercat Appear in the DCU? James Gunn Responds

James Gunn responds to the possibility of introducing Streaky the Supercat in the DCU.

Collage of the Joker, the Flash, and the Flash dressed as Santa in DC Christmas episodes 1
10 Best Christmas Episodes From DC TV Shows

From the DCAU to the Arrowverse and beyond, 10 DC Comics Christmas episodes stand out as the best of the best to enjoy this holiday season.

Charlie Hunnam beside an image of Green Arrow from DC Comics 1
Charlie Hunnam Is Still Perfect for the DCU's Green Arrow

Charlie Hunnam once turned down the role of Green Arrow, but the upcoming DCU reboot is the perfect opportunity to make this casting happen.

Split Images of Batman VIllains 1
10 Batman Villains Who Can Appear in DCU's Arkham Asylum Show

The DCU is starting to fill out its lineup of villains and the upcoming Arkham Asylum TV series can easily develop Batman's rogues gallery.

MCU Thor silhouette 1
This Obscure Fantasy Hero Can Bring an Iconic Marvel Actor to the DCU

The supposedly upcoming Thor 5 may be the last MCU Thor movie, but Chris Hemsworth can join the DCU as this lesser known fantasy comic book hero.

Split image Kamandi, Hawkman and Animal Man 1
10 DC Comics Heroes Who Deserve A Standalone Movie

DC has mainly focused on Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but there are plenty of more unique heroes that deserve the spotlight.

James Gunn Green Lantern Corps 1
James Gunn Reveals What's Different About Green Lantern's Costume in the DCU

DCU Studios co-CEO James Gunn responds to a fan question about Green Lantern's wardrobe in future DC Universe projects.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman or Lobo in the DCU? 1
Jason Momoa Really Wants to Play the DCU's Lobo: 'It's the Perfect Role'

Jason Momoa opens up on the possibility of playing Lobo in the DCU and why that would be the "perfect role" for the Aquaman star.

Robert Pattinson's Batman alongside Arkham Asylum 1
James Gunn Reveals Surprising Update on Matt Reeves' Arkham Asylum Series

James Gunn drops a surprising revelation about Matt Reeves' Arkham Asylum series that's currently in development.

Sean Gunn as Maxwell Lord 1
Can the DCU's Maxwell Lord Redeem the Former Justice League Ally?

Sean Gunn is playing Maxwell Lord in James Gunn's DCU, and this offers the chance to better portray the former Justice League ally on the big screen.

Aquaman 2 stars Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson 1
Has Warner Bros. Discovery Already Given Up on Aquaman 2?

There is a lack of traditional marketing for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, begging the question if Warner Bros. Discovery has given up on the movie.

Robert Pattinson as Batman in front of a screen with the opening sequence of the DCEU 1
James Gunn Explains Why Matt Reeves' Batman Universe Wasn't Made Part of the DCU

DC Studios head James Gunn explains why Matt Reeves' The Batman Universe was not retroactively made part of the forthcoming DC Universe.

Charlie Hunnam beside an image of Green Arrow from DC Comics 1
Charlie Hunnam Confirms Warner Bros. Wanted Him for the DCEU's Green Arrow

Rebel Moon star Charlie Hunnam confirms that Warner Bros. wanted him for Green Arrow, but explains why he wasn't interested in taking on the DC role.

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