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About Katie Doll

As a film and television fanatic, Katie's been writing about the entertainment industry since 2021 at CBR, and proudly puts that English degree to use (because yes, it's not useless!). The local Walking Dead know-it-all who has every little detail about the shows, video games and comics stored in the back of her brain for emergency purposes. Also has a fair grasp of A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones lore suitable for conversation starters. When not typing away about the newest show or film, she's conducting industry interviews with the people making the shows and films. Follow her on Twitter (@katiexdoll) where she occassionally cracks a joke that never lands.

Latest Articles

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and the cast of Grey's Anatomy 1
Why Justin Chambers Left Grey's Anatomy

Justin Chambers portrayed Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy for 15 years, but fans were forced to say goodbye to the character after 16 seasons.

Blue Bloods Poster And Jennifer Esposito's Character 1
Jennifer Esposito Returning to Blue Bloods is the Ending Jackie Deserved

Jennifer Esposito returned to Blue Bloods as Jackie Curatola in Season 13. The finale gives Jackie a satisfying conclusion that's a decade overdue.

Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy 1
In Which Episode of Grey's Anatomy Does Derek Die?

Actor Patrick Dempsey departed Grey's Anatomy years ago, but some are unclear about which episode his character Derek died in and why he left.

The Owl House 1
Why Was The Owl House Canceled by Disney?

The Owl House was praised for its innovation and unique storytelling, but it was apparently a little too unique for some Disney executives.

The Big Bang Theory' Sheldon, Leonard and Penny 1
Every Main Character's Age In The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory follows its main characters through 12 years of developing relationships, careers and friendships.

Split Images of The Walking Dead Characters-2 1
The Best Walking Dead Universe Episodes of 2023

The Walking Dead was more alive than ever in 2023. From Dead City to Daryl Dixon to Fear TWD, episodes made fans cry, scream and shiver.

house md 1
A House MD Theory Makes the Finale Even More Tragic - and Credible

The House, M.D. series finale raised a lot of questions, but one fan theory may have the answer to all of them.

Top 10 Best Superhero and Comic Book Movies of All Time 1
Top 20 Best Superhero and Comic Book Movies

Comic books and superheroes go hand in hand, creating invigorating movies. The ones that stand out keep people coming back for sequels and rewatches.

Annabeth, Percy Jackson and Grover in front of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians logo 1
Percy Jackson Disney+ Series Fixes a Major YA Franchise Problem

Percy Jackson is the latest young adult series to get a reboot on Disney+, but this time, it's representing people from all walks of all life.

Top Gun: Maverick's Penny Benjamin in front of a split image of Maverick with his love interests 1
Who Is Top Gun: Maverick’s Penny and Is She in the First Film?

Since Kelly McGillis did not return for the Top Gun sequel, producers turned to an "old flame" for Maverick's love interest, Penny Benjamin.

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, in Star Wars Episode IV 1
Why George Lucas Really Began Star Wars With Episode 4

The original Star Wars is famously the fourth chapter in the epic saga. But why wasn't it considered Episode I, considering it was released first?

The Last Kingdom vs Vikings with Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred and Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok 1
Vikings vs. The Last Kingdom: Which Historical Drama Is Right For You?

The Last Kingdom and Vikings are similar shows in many ways, but what sets them apart is their approach to storytelling, relationships, and historical accuracy.

the polar express split with hero boy and the train on each side 1
Was The Polar Express Just a Dream?

The Polar Express tells a fantastical story, but was it real or was it all simply a strange and festive dream?

Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone 1
How to Watch the Jesse Stone Movies in Order

Tom Selleck has played Jesse Stone for over a decade, starring in nine made-for-TV movies. But what's the best Jesse Stone watching order?

Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and Monica hugging in  1
A Tragic Friends Theory Reveals Something Dark About Phoebe

One Phoebe-centric fan theory gives Friends a dark, tragic spin, putting one of the greatest sitcoms of all time in a whole new perspective.

Harry Potter, Hereditary and Some Like it Hot 1
The Best Movies To Watch On HBO Max Right Now

Max has many offerings for movie enthusiasts, from the entire Harry Potter series to family-favorite Christmas films like Elf and Christmas Vacation.

Split image of Yellowjackets' Lottie, The Bear's Sydney, and Succession's Kendall Roy 1
15 Best TV Shows of 2023 (So Far)

Already halfway through the year, 2023 has had some prestige television that will make the Primetime Emmy Awards a tough competition.

Sebastian from Stardew Valley surrounded by hearts against the green mountains 1
Stardew Valley: How to Get Every Sebastian Heart Event

In Stardew Valley, Sebastian is a tough neighbor to make friends with since he doesn't leave his room often, but it's still doable.

The Lighthouse Characters 1
The Lighthouse, Explained: What Does the Movie Even Mean?

Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe as two lighthouse keepers with dark pasts. But what led to their tragic fates?

Castle Characters cuffed 1
Why Castle Ended With Season 8

While Castle was initially slated to continue for a ninth season, ABC cancelled the series. Here's why the fan-favorite series saw its plug pulled.

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