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Infestation 88 Mickey Mouse promo image. 1
Mickey Mouse Horror Game Changes its Name Shortly After Backlash

The studio behind Infestation 88 renames its Mickey Mouse horror game following backlash against the title’s antisemitic references.

Mickey Mouse Horror Film and Steamboat Willie 1
Mickey Mouse Horror Film In Production as Disney's Steamboat Willie Copyright Expires

Many filmmakers begin production on their own Mickey Mouse movies as Disney's Steam Boat Willie enters the public domain.

Mickey looks for a victim in Mickey's Mouse Trap 1
Mickey Mouse Gets First Horror Parody Film as Steamboat Willie Enters Public Domain

A trailer and poster have been released for Mickey's Mouse Trap, the first film to parody Mickey Mouse as the character enters the public domain.

Split image for 20 Animated Films '90s Kids Loved But Totally Forgot About 1
25 Animated Films '90s Kids Loved (But Totally Forgot About)

Believe it or not, the '90s were three decades ago now, so it's not surprising many of its animated classics are a little fuzzy now in fans' memories.

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Mickey alongside his various friends and foes. 1
The Best Disney Illusion Games, Ranked

Disney Illusion has a wide variety of games in its library, from Disney Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion to Quackshot.

Disney Lorcana Mickey Mouse Cards Title 1
Every Mickey Mouse Card in Disney Lorcana's First Chapter, Ranked

Combining classic art with powerful stats, Disney Lorcana offers players several impressive Mickey Mouse cards in The First Chapter.

split image of Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes in old comic strips 1
15 Best Comic Strips Of All Time

Whether through slapstick humor, romance, or high adventure, the comic strip medium offers something for everyone.

A Mickey Mouse robot toy.  1
Mickey Mouse's Massive King Robo Figure Channels MMPR's Megazord Vibe

Mickey Mouse meets the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in this sentai-inspired robo figurine made to celebrate Disney's 100th anniversary.

A collage featuring Marvel Comics' Wolverine and Green Goblin with Disney's Mickey Mouse inbetween them. 1
Mickey Mouse Voice Actor Lobbies to Play the MCU's Wolverine or Green Goblin

Chris Diamantopoulos, the current voice actor for Mickey Mouse, explains why he would be perfect for Wolverine or Green Goblin in the MCU.

Split image of Dennis, Calvin and Hobbes and the Addams family in comic strips 1
10 Most Clever Comic Strip Characters

The greatest comic strips are full of babbling buffoons, but occasionally a character demonstrates their cleverness in entertaining ways.

A collage of gaming trilogies that were never finished. 1
10 Unfinished Video Game Trilogies That Were Cut Short

These video game trilogies never got the ending they deserved.

Three Christmas themed board games showing their boxes and some inside contents.  The games are Ghsots of Christmas, Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Stitch: Merry Mischief Card Game. 1
10 Best Holiday Board Games To Play This Year

Board games based on classic holiday movies, animated series and expansion packs provide the best experience for the whole family this holiday season.

A split image of Legend of Zelda's Link wielding a sword and Mario splattering paint with a hammer 1
10 Worst Nintendo Games With The Best First Impressions

Nintendo is known for its consistent quality, but even there some games look and sound great but still manage to disappoint.

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Did the BBC Air a Mickey Mouse Cartoon in a Clever Sort of Celebration Post-WWII?

In the latest TV Legends Revealed, discover the truth behind an amazing story involving Mickey Mouse, the BBC and World War II

Perry the Platypus and Momo 1
The 10 Cutest Cartoon Creatures, Ranked

Cuteness lies in the eye of the beholder, but cartoon creatures are almost always adorable.

Disney Protagonists Out Of Character CBR Raya Last Dragon Mickey Mouse Encanto Delores 1
10 Times Disney's Protagonists Acted Out Of Character

With so many movies Disney produces, some of their protagonists are bound to act out of character.

10 Mature Developers With Kid Friendly Origins 1
10 Mature Developers With Kid Friendly Origins

Though the following names and studios have gained a reputation for dark and mature titles, their first games were considerably more family-oriented.

10 stars you didn't know were on mickey mouse club 1
10 Stars You Didn't Know Got Their Start On The Mickey Mouse Club

Fans may not realize just how many celebrities started their successful career on The Mickey Mouse Club.

The 5 Strongest (& 5 Weakest) Magic Users In Movies 1
The 5 Strongest (& 5 Weakest) Magic Users In Movies

Hollywood has introduced a number of powerful wizards and witches over the years, though not every cinematic magic-user measures up on the big screen.

Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse Director Defines the Series' Magic in Season 2

In celebration of Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse returning for a second season, Disney boss Paul Rudish sat down for an exclusive interview.

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