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About D. R. Bickham

D. R. Bickham is a raving fan of Mixed Martial Arts and everything that has even a remote connection to superheroes. His hobbies don't include much more than reading comics, playing video games (especially RPGs) and writing books. He is the author of the "Unnatural Selection" series, which focuses on babies born with superhuman abilities, and is hoping that his own children display super powers at some point in the near future. He dreams of some day performing stand-up comedy in front of a live audience and singing onstage with his favorite rock group, Muse.

Latest Articles

Action Comics Annual #1 (2023) cover. 1
REVIEW: Action Comics Annual 2023

DC's Action Comics ends 2023 with an explosive annual that wraps up a five part storyline filled with a number of exciting twists and turns.

Titans: Beast World Tour - Central City #1 cover. 1
REVIEW: Titans - Beast World Tour: Central City #1

The Titans' Beast World epic has finally reached Central City, the home of the Flash Family and their allies. Here's CBR's review.

Nightcralwer in a ripped Uncanny Spider-Man costume surrounded by smoke and Warlock's technoorganic body 1
Uncanny Spider-Man's Shocking Reveal Could Turn The Tide For The X-Men

The final issue of Uncanny Spider-Man features the return of two powerful X-Men allies who could turn the tide of Fall of X.

Split image of Batman with Dick Grayson in a pirate costume in the background from Nightwing #109 1
Nightwing Didn't Learn His Most Vital Skill From The Dark Knight

Nightwing #109 reveals that Batman's first Robin actually learned his most vital skill from someone else in the Bat Family.

Split image of Nightwing in battle as he dived underwater in the background from Nightwing #109 1
Nightwing's Greatest Fears are Directly Connected to His Tragic Origin

Recent issues of Nightwing have greatly humanized Batman's former Robin and even revealed a new fear directly connected to his dark origin.

Weapon X from the Age of Apocalypse with a team of multiversal Wolverines in the background 1
Weapon X-Men is Not Marvel's First Team Of Wolverine Variants

Marvel's upcoming Weapon X-Men series features a mutant team composed entirely of Wolverine variants - but this isn't the first time.

Shush with Damian Wayne as Robin, Talia al Ghul and Ubu in the background from Batman and Robin #4 1
Damian Wayne's New Nemesis Has Dark Ties To His Life Before Robin

DC's new Batman and Robin series has finally given the son of the Dark Knight, Damian Wayne, a worthy nemesis for the next generation.

Split image of corrupted Batmans on covers for DC's Batman: City of Madness 1
Batman's Rogues Weren't The Only Ones Twisted By DC's City of Madness

DC's new Black Label series Batman: City of Madness introduces new (and horrifying) versions of the Dark Knight and his Rogues.

Titans: Beast World Tour: Gotham #1 cover. 1
REVIEW: DC's Titans Beast World Tour: Gotham

The Titan's Beast World has extended to Batman and the other inhabitants of Gotham City in the latest tie-in to the DC Universe event.

Batman and Joker falling and fighting with Batman holding Joker over his head in the background 1
Batman Just Had His Deadliest Fight With the Joker

Batman has had many confrontations with his archnemesis, the Joker, but their latest fight was one of the most brutal.

Marvel's Spider Boy 1
Spider-Boy Has Marvel's Most Unique (And Humorous) Rogues Gallery

Although Spider-Boy is a relatively new addition to the Spider-Man mythos, he already has Marvel's most unique (and humorous) rogues gallery.

Titans characters and hell behind them 1
Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott Discuss DC's Titans and Beast World

Eisner award-winning author Tom Taylor and artist Nicola Scott sat with CBR at SDCC 2023 to discuss Titans and a newly revealed project.

Superman villain General Zod looking imposing with a lightning background. 1
Joe Casey Discusses Deconstructing Classic Superman Villain in Kneel Before Zod

CBR caught up with former Superman scribe Joe Casey to discuss his latest project, Kneel Before Zod, and his experience writing the classic villain.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight off mousers in Saturday Morning Adventures 1
SDCC: Erik Burnham Discusses TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures and Karai Spinoff

Erik Burnham sat down with CBR during SDCC 2023 to discuss TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures and an upcoming Ninja Turtles project.

A Ninja Turtle on the attack in The Last Ronin 1
SDCC: Tom Waltz and Ben Bishop Discuss TMNT: The Last Ronin II

Tom Waltz and Ben Bishop came out of their shells at SDCC 2023 to discuss their latest TMNT project, The Last Ronin II - Re-Evolution.

a plehtora of dc superheroes all rushing towards the reader from the cover of the dawn of dc primer special edition 1
SDCC: Jeremy Adams and Tim Sheridan Discuss DC's New Golden Age

CBR sat down with writers Jeremy Adams and Tim Sheridan at SDCC 2023 to discuss their upcoming New Golden Age series..

Superman Family on Action Comics #1054 1
SDCC: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Discusses Superman in Action Comics

Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson sat down with CBR at SDCC 2023 to discuss his upcoming work writing Superman.

An ominous figure from an alternate cover of The Sacrificers #1 1
SDCC: Rick Remender Discusses The Sacrificers and The Holy Roller

CBR sat down with Rick Remender at SDCC 2023 to discuss The Sacrificers and his work with Andy Samberg and Joe Trohman on Holy Roller.

Ram V Talks Detective Comics and the Vigil 1
SDCC: Ram V Discusses Detective Comics and The Vigil

CBR sat down with writer Ram V at SDCC 2023 to discuss his work on DC's Detective Comics and his new series, The Vigil.

Stephen Segovia's Hellions #1 cover includes Psylocke, Mister Sinister and Greycrow 1
Marvel Quietly Changed Racist X-Men Codename

In Hellions #2, Marvel quietly changed the deeply problematic codename of a longtime X-Men adversary turned unwilling hero.

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