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Lead Comics, Gaming, & Anime Editor

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About Declan Lowthian

Declan is the Lead Editor of Comics, Gaming, and Anime for CBR. Declan's previous careers include historic book repair, street clown performance, and watercraft inspection among others, so online publishing is a welcome new addition to the list. 

Industry Focus

Declan started their career at CBR as a Gaming Lists writer before moving on to several editorial and managerial positions. As the Lead Editor for Comics, Gaming, and Anime, they oversee all news, features, lists, and resources for tabletop games, video games, comic books, anime, manga, and collectibles. 

Favorite Media

Tabletop gaming will always be Declan's first love, ever since they played Original D&D out of the Red Box in 4th grade. Indie RPGs, Magic: The Gathering, and board games all fill out their tabletop interests. While they don't play as many video games as they wish they could, Declan will always have a soft spot for strategy games like X-COM and exploration games like Breath of the Wild and Sable. Anime-wise, Declan will watch just about anything with giant robots in it, from Gundam to Escaflowne. They are currently (slowly) attempting to read every issue of Action Comics since the beginning, even the stories that aren't about Superman.

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