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Todd McFarlane Gives Promising Update on Long-Gestating Spawn Reboot

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane updates fans on the reboot script's status, suggesting the film may be FINALLY coming together.

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15 Strongest Fictional Characters Of All Time, Ranked

There is no shortage of powerful characters across fiction, but these heroes and villains stand well above the rest.

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Spawn: The Return of an Iconic (And Tragic) Figure Could Break Al Simmons

The most important person in Al Simmons' life is making an unexpected comeback, and she could change the entire Spawn Universe.

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10 Best Spawn Comics, Ranked

Spawn has starred in some brilliant comics over the years.

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This Underrated Spawn Comic Is Overdue For A Comeback

Spawn has tons of cool spin-offs in the works, which means there's time to revisit the cartoonish and underrated The Adventures of Spawn from 2007.

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10 Best Image Comics Heroes, Ranked

Image Comics is home to some of the most groundbreaking superheroes in history, and modern icons who don't need superpowers to be the best.

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The Coolest Spawn Comic Covers Of The '90s, Ranked

Spawn was known for great art, and the book produced many of the greatest cover images of the 1990s.

Spawn ready to defend himself on the cover of King Spawn #22. 1
McG Hopes to Direct Blumhouse's Spawn Reboot

McG speaks about taking the helm of a Spawn reboot along with potentially getting involved with the DCU.

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Best Indie Comics Currently In Print (November)

Most comic fans know that it isn't only Marvel and DC that put out quality books, as proven by some of the best indie comics out today.

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10 Image Comics Characters Who Could Beat Superman

Some of Image Comics' uniquely dark heroes and villains would easily best Superman in a fight thanks to both their cunning and might.

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Image's Original Spawn Has a Hellish Plan That Changes Everything

Image's original Spawn has a hellish plan for the underworld that has the potential to completely change his entire universe.

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Jason Blum Teases Spawn Reboot as a 'Blumhouse Version of a Superhero Movie'

Jason Blum speaks about bringing the "Blumhouse edge" to the long-gestating Spawn reboot.

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Todd McFarlane and Image Comics Launch 10 New Spawn Comics

Todd McFarlane and Image Comics are launching several new Spawn spinoff comic books, including a brand-new series starring Gunslinger Spawn.

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Spawn Gets A Costume Overhaul For New Series

Todd McFarlane's iconic antihero is getting a new costume redesign for the upcoming comic series Rat City

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10 Indie Comic Heroes Who Could Join The Avengers

Thanks to the many skills they bring to the table, indie comic heroes like Invincible and Spawn deserve to join the Avengers' ever-expanding roster.

Wolverine and WItchblade, Spawn and Wildcats, Hellboy and Savage Dragon 1
10 Best Image Comic Crossovers, Ranked

From Batman/Spawn to Big Game, Image Comics' best crossovers celebrate their iconic heroes while bringing in familiar faces from Marvel and DC Comics.

King Spawn and the Violator from Image Comics 1
King Spawn Reveals Al Simmons’ True Self – And He Is Heartbreaking

Al Simmons just revealed his true self to one of Image Comics' most ominous figures, and it proves exactly how much Spawn has changed.

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McFarlane Toys Reveals Glow in the Dark Figure of Spawn's Redeemer

Spawn has many enemies and now one of them is getting his own figurine from McFarlane Toys.

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Todd McFarlane Remains Committed to Jamie Foxx Starring in Spawn Reboot

Jamie Foxx is still attached to the long-gestating Spawn reboot according to Todd McFarlane.

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Spawn is Coming to Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Season 6 welcomes the reluctant leader of Hell's Army, Spawn, for the game's final installment.

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